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An unparalleled experience created exclusively for cyclists.

Virtual Velo Cycle Training is designed to provide cyclists an engaging and challenging space to train on their own bike, build endurance and create their own cycling adventure – year around – no matter the weather or road conditions. 

About Us

Virtual Velo – Indoor Cycle Training Reimagined:

“I don’t need therapy. I need cycling”

Developed by passionate cyclist and racer Geoff Clark, Virtual Velo is a place to continue cycling, when the chilly weather, early nightfall, and icy roads have forced you indoors.

“Cycling becomes part of your blood.  It’s not just for fitness, it’s my fun, my recreation, my relaxation. It’s my chance to spend time on two wheels with my friends.

Indoor training can be extremely boring. Until recently, I would ride outdoors in the nastiest conditions, rather than suffer the boredom of spinning on a fluid trainer. Spin classes were fun, but didn’t really translate into cycling fitness. There’s nothing like being on your own bike.”

The technology supporting indoor training has exploded in the last few years, and not only is it far more effective…it’s a lot of fun.

Virtual Velo takes all the things we love about cycling – fitness, social connections, physical challenges, competition, and great scenery – and brings them into the safety and comfort of the great indoors.  Using the best and newest interactive video training programs, we create a vividly realistic cycling experience any rider can enjoy either solo or with their entire team!

The Ride:

“Live. Love. Ride”

Every station at Virtual Velo Cycle Training is equipped with the newest version of the Wahoo KICKr direct-drive smart trainer, which uses input from training programs like Zwift or CycleOps Virtual Training to create realistic resistance that changes in synch with a video experience onscreen. Join a group ride on Zwift, and as the hill you see on the 55” screen in front of you starts to get steeper, you’ll feel the difficulty increase. Crest the top, and the KICKr lets you coast down the other side. Every moment you experience in video is replicated in a very real way, keeping your cycling fitness intact and your mind engaged.

Each station is equipped with an iPad Pro through which you can use Zwift, Virtual Training or log into your Training Peaks to get your coach’s daily training prescription. A remote control fan lets you control your temperature without having to dismount and interrupt your ride. And a fresh towel is provided so you can soak up the sweat!

Even cooler is the ability for teams to train together. All six stations at Virtual Velo can participate in the same workout at once, so riders can enjoy the same ride side-by-side. Coaches can create targeted workouts for their clientele, allowing riders to train at just the precise level they need to stimulate their bodies to adapt to training and improve. On an outdoor group ride, this is often impossible, but with Virtual Velo training, every rider experiences the level of difficulty that is most effective for them, even when they’re training with faster or slower friends.

Leader of the Pack:

Geoff Clark’s passion for cycling was ignited at the age of six by a 30-second CBS News clip of Eddy Merckx winning his 5th Tour de France. The discovery of this previously unknown world propelled him to a lifelong pursuit of 2-wheeled adventure. Fueled by the enthusiasm and hand-me-down gear of his bike racer uncle Scott, he became a student of all things cycling.

Grateful for the opportunities that helped him to reach the professional level of racing, Geoff has made a career out of helping cyclists and multi-sport athletes achieve their goals. Through coaching, athlete management and representation, bike fit and equipment selection, he has enabled hundreds of athletes to fulfill their potential. His encyclopedic knowledge of the science of cycling culminates in the creation of Virtual Velo Cycle Training.

Virtual Velo is supported by Geoff’s most recent project, VeloScience Bike Works. VeloScience is more than a bike shop – it’s a shrine to the road cycling experience. With reverence for the history of the sport combined with the latest cutting-edge technology, VeloScience is a can’t-miss stop for anyone who loves to have fun on two wheels. Virtual Velo is an extension of that philosophy, giving every cyclist the opportunity to benefit from the best science and technology to help them enjoy their cycling experience to the utmost.